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The Pacific ocean gives high or low waves depending on the winds and tides. Some do surfing others just swim them but everybody enjoy the most beautiful sun sets.   

The long end less sandy Beach will delight you just as much as being in the shades of the Palapa (sun roof made of palm leaves) resting on a camastro (long chair) or or get the relaxing swing of a hammock where the ocean breeze will caress and cool off your skin. With a bit of luck, dolphins will divert you while resting.

While having fun in the Swimming pool you will be charmed by splendid view of the beach and the ocean. Than you will rest in the shades or sunbath on the camastros as you wish.
At the Dining room giving on the beach you will be served our delicious crepes for breakfast, fish and sea food, the house specialties.

From the Bar, cold and fresh Mexican beers, wine or other drinks of your preference will be available at your wishes.

Whether you want a place to relax, to enjoy a natural beach setting, or to have fun, the beautiful landscapes that surround our hotel offers the perfect atmosphere for escape, romance, celebration or read a good book.



Hotel Evasión
Tel: (52) 744 444 4018
Av. Fuerza Aerea Militar no.5
Pie de la Cuesta Playa, Acapulco,
C.P.39900 Gro. México